Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Body Language 1– Where does this all start?

Body language is defined as nonverbal, and mostly unconscious, communication through use of gestures, postures, facial expressions and alike. To the trained eye, it can reveal the thoughts of any and everyone, as well as their current emotional condition.

Various studies have indicated that communication made between people in face to face conversation, consists of a less than 35% verbal component, and an 85% non verbal component.

Examples of this can be seen in every day life; a woman who is conscious of having gained weight about her thighs will smooth her dress down, and a guy who is unhappy will sit down with his arms folded, legs crossed, and a slight frown on his face.

Studies also indicate that women are much more perceptive than men – Hate to break it to you guys, but most of you just aren’t wired that way.

The average woman has over 14 areas of her brain dedicated to communication, whereas the average man will only have between 4and 6. This doesn’t mean that guys have no hope of reading body language accurately; it just means that most men will have to consciously try to read a person’s body language, whereas most women will automatically do it subconsciously.

This Blog will help you explore and define the different actions, postures, and gestures of a person who likes you and is seeking your attention. It is important to understand that as well as being able to pinpoint whether a person is using gestures that indicate he or she likes you, it is just as important to be able to spot those gestures that indicate whether a person doesn’t like you – to help you gain a balanced view of their true feelings.

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