Thursday, April 2, 2009

Body language 5- The Body, Legs and Feet

Body Pointing

It is true that the body points to where the mind wants to go. The angles at which people stand when speaking to each other give us clues as to how they feel or where they want to go.

Open Positioning

Just like with palm gestures, when a person likes you or is interested in you, they will adopt an open body position. An open body position can be spotted by looking at the angle of their body relative to yours.

Typically in friendly encounters, the other person’s body will be pointing at an angle 45 degrees relative to yours – subsequently you’ll find that you’re body will be doing the same.

Closed Positioning

Closed positioning is used when two people want a bit of intimacy. Their body angle will change from the ‘friendly’ 45 degrees to 0 degrees, i.e. they will face each other. If someone uses closed positioning with you, it’s a signal that they like you a lot.

Try taking half a step forward, into their intimate zone – if they seem uncomfortable with this or they take a step back, don’t follow.

Leg and Foot Pointing

As stated in the blurb for this section, the body points to where the mind wants to go. Equally true is that a woman’s feet will point to the most ‘attractive’ guy in the room, and vice versa with guys on girls. This same principle applies to leg pointing. If you watch carefully, you’ll see that a guy’s knee will be pointed in the direction of the girl he finds most attractive.

We see these principles every day, for example when someone wants to leave a room, at the very least you’ll see that their feet point towards the exit.

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