Thursday, April 2, 2009

Body Language 7- Single, Touch and Personal Claim


When people see someone they like, sometimes the only thing holding them back from making an approach is the thought that maybe their crush isn’t single. Imagine this scenario:

An attractive girl sees a group of people standing across the room from her at a bar. She has her eye on one of the guys in the group, and uses the gazing technique to let him know she’s interested.

He’s a bit slow on the uptake or maybe just a little nervous, so she decides that maybe its time to go over there and give him an opportunity to talk to her. At the same time this occurs, she notices that her crush is standing next to another attractive girl, who seems to be part of the group.

This throws the question “Are these two together?” So should she stay where she is, or still go over to his area?

Personal Territory

It is a scientific fact that the closer two people are emotionally, the closer they will stand, sit, or lie next to each other. Imagine a bubble around each and every person. This bubble encompasses the person

and a small surrounding area. To that person, everything inside that bubble is ‘theirs’, and is known as their ‘Personal Space’. The size of this personal space varies a little from person to person but doesn’t differ to a great degree.

When two people are very close i.e. Lovers, Parents, Spouses, Close Friends, Children, they will stand for the majority within 1545 centimeters of each other. Only those who are emotionally close to us may enter this space and anyone else who enters may make the person feel intimidated and take a step back from the invader.

Touch and Personal Claim

People touch or lean against something that they feel is theirs. For example a person will sometimes lean on their walls at home, but wouldn’t dream of being invited into a stranger’s house then leaning on their walls. Lovers will hold hands, brush each other’s arms, or ‘tidy’ their partner up by brushing imaginary lint off their partner’s shoulder.

One of the most unmistakable signals made by women to show claim to a man is when she places her flat palm on his chest. Similarly a man will place his hand on his partner’s waist or back.

The key things to remember here is that we touch things that we feel are ours, and we do this in a variety of ways. Watch for the slightest touches, fingers, arms, or even feet.

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