Thursday, April 2, 2009

Body Language 6- Gestures by Both Sexes

General Flirting and Attraction Gestures

When in the company of the opposite sex, the body language of both genders will change dramatically. Men will stand a little taller, no slouching or slumping.

He will also stick his chest out and suck in his stomach – this makes him appear more dominant, and happens automatically around someone he likes or has taken a fancy to.

If a woman takes a liking to the described man, she will respond to his gestures by drawing attention to her breasts, tilting her head, touching her hair, and exposing her wrists –thus making her appear submissive.

There are of course, more deliberate flirting and attraction gestures, but these are gestures made consciously, whereas the ones described above are automatic, and made subconsciously.

Attraction Gestures Used by Men

Compared to women, men don’t have a large repertoire of attraction gestures. When a man likes a woman, he will use gestures that emphasize his masculinity.

The common gestures used by men are the expanding of the chest, straightening of the back and pulling the stomach in. He’ll also adjust this clothing or touch his hair.

Men typically use their thumbs to display dominance and masculinity; subsequently a man will tuck his thumbs into his belt, pointing them at his crotch to emphasize his manhood.

Attraction Gestures Used by Women

Fortunately for guys, women send out a whole plethora of signs and signals to let him know she’s interested in him. Unfortunately for women, many men are slow on the uptake, completely oblivious to the signs and signals she is sending out. What makes things worse is that women sometimes send out mixed signals, to manipulate men into showing how they feel about her – this often leaves men confused and subsequently, they won’t try to approach her.

When a woman looks around a room and sees a man she’s interested in, she’ll often send a gaze his way until she catches his eye. During this first look she typically holds his eye contact for 23 seconds, and then she looks away. Women may then perform other gestures to show interest in her chosen guy.

A woman will use something known as the ‘Hair Flick’ around a guy she fancies. This gesture involves flicking the hair over her shoulder or away from the face. Even women with short hair use this gesture.

Another gesture to watch out for is the ‘self touch’. When a woman slowly and sensually strokes her thigh or neck she implies that if the man plays his cards right, he may be able to touch her in these ways too.

The limp wrist is seen as a submission signal by many men, and as such is used by women everywhere to make a guy feel that he could dominate her. The limp wrist gesture is often used for maximum effect when fondling a cylindrical object.

A similar gesture to the limp wrist is also used by women to reel in a man. This gesture is known as the ‘exposed neck’, and is exactly as the name says – the woman will tilt her head to one shoulder, exposing her neck to the man. This gesture is seen by men as submissive in much the same way as the limp wrist.

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